About Physie

Physical Culture, or Physie (pronounced 'fizzy'), is a sport for girls and women from 2 years up which aims to build confidence, good posture, strength, fitness and flexibility through exercise.

Uniquely Australian, the Bjelke-Petersen School of Physical Culture has been involved in the fitness of Australians for well over a century. The syllabus, updated annually, is performed to modern music and comprises standing and floor exercises, aerobic warm-ups, basic ballet, and modern dance.

Our choreography is age-appropriately designed to teach the relationship of music to movement, rhythm, co-ordination, balance, and musical interpretation.

Members are taught in suburban clubs (similar to a local netball or soccer club) by trained Bjelke-Petersen teachers supplied to the club by our National organisation.

The Physical Culture year culminates in a series of friendly competitions for both teams and individuals. These are not compulsory, but they do help to foster a club spirit, a sense of belonging, and club loyalty.

The National Junior Finals are held at Olympic Park Sports Centre, Homebush Bay. The prestigious Senior and Ladies National Finals are held each November in the Concert Hall of the Sydney Opera House.

Physical Culture is a marvellous way to develop healthy minds and bodies whilst forming friendships that last a lifetime. Most of all, Bjelke-Petersen Physical Culture is a lot of fun!


More about Sydney City Physie Girls

Sydney City Physie Club began in 2013 for the Inner Western Area of Sydney and are proud to be affiliated with Bjelke-Petersen School of Physical Culture.

We are a small club with a big heart and whole lot of team spirit.  We operate in the Ashfield/Canterbury area of Sydney's Inner West and as we grow, our wish is to have several class locations throughout the Inner West.

We hope to provide an opportunity for girls and ladies to challenge themselves while being part of a friendly and supportive community.  Sydney City Physie prides itself on the community aspect, especially the support of it's family and we are looking forward to the opportunity of sharing it with others.

We encourage our members to embrace fitness as a way of life & focus on what their bodies can do, rather than how they look.

Sydney City Physie Girls are hard working, confident, have a sense of fun and enthusiasm for life and are supportive of one another.

Our Achievements so far:

2018 3rd Place - 9-10 year Team Competition

2017 4th Place - 7-8 year Team Competition

2017 Izabelle Arcilla - 10 year Junior National Semi-finalist
2016 4th Place - 7-8 year Team Competition
2015 4th Place - 7-8 year Team Competition
2013 Holley Dvorak - 6 year Junior National Semi-finalist

An awesome effort for a small club! We are proud of every single one of our Sydney City Physie girls. Our biggest success is seeing our girls strive for improvement and to empower them for life.